To achieve the Global Goals with No One left behind

Because sustainable development and achievement of the 17 Goals can’t succeed if half of the world is held back

The new ONE WORLDcitizens website will be online at the end of 2017

Who we are

We are a global network of active young people from all backgrounds, cultures and of all ages working together on human rights, quality education and social entrepreneurship for youth from all over the world. A grassroot movement based on the Mindset ‘Every individual, every good idea/initiative for sustainable change counts!’ To achieve the 17 Global Goals for sustainalbe development With No One Left Behind.

How we do it

We make Work of the Global Goals & Basic Needs.


We make Work by quality education on sustainability issues and empowerment of social entrepreneurship by & for youth. So that they are able to work out their ideas for the Global Goals and Basic Needs into projects and Startups/Social Enterprises on the Living Legends platform. With help from each other and partners who want to support sustainable initiatives/Startups of youth. These Startups are  shown on the Living Legends website (version 1.0, under construction, version 2.0 will be ready in December 2017).


Dialogue & Events

We organize dialogues and events for youth, government, policymakers and innovators to collaborate for a sustainable future and create Global Partnerships.

OWC Event 2016: YOUth For The Global Goals



European Network

We participate in the European YouthStart Network to help Living Legends develop social entrepreneurship and contribute to the international society.

More about the YouthStart European Entrepreneurship Network


Our Vision

Achieving the Global Goals in 2030 can’t succeed if half of the world is held back! We need all world citizens and Global partnership to create sustainable development and a good future for all. We can Grow Together by supporting the youngest generations to prepare themselves for a better future. A world in which they develop an entrepreneurial lifestyle and turn challenges into opportunities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire youth to develop entrepreneurial skills, to contribute to a sustainable future and create self-employment: from idea to social enterprise. We operate worldwide and connect partners to be successful.


Our Workstyle

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter F. Drucker

Our workstyle is Do It Yourself & Do It Together. The youngest generations have a new perspective on living together. Plus they look differently at dealing with nature, work and money. The fastest way towards a better, sustainable future is to support them to work out their ideas and connect them worldwide to share ideas, learn from each other and help each other to take action, so they can create the future they see together!

Entrepreneurial minded young people, working together worldwide, means: resilience, innovation & well-being both on an individual and societal level.

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