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by Shared IDs

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Welcome to ONE WORLDcitizens

An international network of Living Legends who undertake Shared IDs for achievement of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development in 2030!

We work together by #DailyAction with #NoOneLeftBehind and making #WorkOfBasicNeeds, empowering YOUth to become Living Legends!

More About Us

We work together for 3 reasons

1. No time to waste!

Youth is the future means: the youngest generations are born to shape and undertake a new, sustainable society we need now. In all countries they are present: Living Legends, young people with practical, innovative ideas for a new togetherness, society and economy that bring everyone future, including our earth.

If we want our youth, our children and next generations to have future, we better start by supporting these Living Legends to take action from the solutions they see! We can trust and copy what they see and work together with mutual respect.

That’s why ONE WORLDcitizens empowers YOUth to become Living Legends who change the society, the world by the solutions they see, their Shared IDs* and collaboration for Daily Action!

*Shared IDs are solutions for social inclusion and sustainable change, worked out into local projects or startups including sustainable, financial models to make a powerful movement.

2. We have 17 Global Goals which unite us in action for a better world

We can only make it to the goals if we work globally together, with No One Left Behind. Because we cannot succeed achievement of the goals if half of the world is held back.

With No One Left Behind means: making Work (employment) of Basic Needs for all, starting from the grassroots level in co-creation with proactive youngsters in rural areas, developing countries, low income communities and young migrants.

That’s why we are a grassroots movement, making impact worldwide with Living Legends from local communities in all countries.

3. The 17 Goals bring new YOUth employment we need in all countries.

In the West we are talking about new jobs that are coming. Jobs, for which we should change our education or even school system at (high) schools and universities to prepare our youth in time for these jobs. Jobs we couldn’t see yet for years. Good news: this can change from now on!

With focus on the 17 Goals, we can see all development and work needed to achieve the goals in 2030 have to do with these new jobs! Now it’s important to offer our youth all education, skills and entrepreneurship they need to be ready for these jobs.

These new jobs lead to basic needs, dignity and social inclusion of everyone. To create this employment, the Living Legends team developed the OWC Global Concept & Program.

Good News !

In ONE WORLDcitizens youngsters from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, education levels and lifestyles come together to work on the 17 common goals. Although they have a lot of differences, they have these 3 important basic needs in common: 

  1. Quality Education about ICT, Technology and sustainable issues to be be ready for all challenges they have to face now and in future. 
  2. Social Entrepreneurship to work out ideas for change into startups, employment to make impact on social inclusion and sustainable change globally. 
  3. Collaboration with local Governments to make change from the power of communities and work together for future-oriented development and prosperity of everyone.

With the Living Legends community and Global OWC Network we make these basic needs happen! 

Our Global Concept to make it happen

OWC Pop Up School

An online school, by & for youngsters. To share quality education, ideas for change and social entrepreneurship. To take action for sustainable change globally, together.

Global Goals Hubs

Local Hubs, where youngsters meet to work out their ideas for sustainable change into projects, startups and new (youth) employment. Supported by each other and local stakeholders.

Global Community

A community of Living Legends and partners, who provide global change by sharing good examples, helping each other to copy the examples locally and make employment of them.

Global Partnerships

Global Goal 17 is priority to achieve the other 16 Global Goals in 2030. Therefore, we build a powerful global network of stakeholders who support initiatives of Living Legends.

Our Global Program for Daily Action

The global action program consists of 8 subprograms which are created, tested and led by a team of Living Legends. The subprograms can be copied by a Train the Trainer program given by the team to youngsters from other cities and countries. To implement the program worldwide.

More About The Program

With No One Left Behind

In co-production with


You find us online or meet us in one of the local Global Goals Hubs