Hi Guys!

I invite your country to the Global Goals International Rap Challenge. Please watch this video to see what it’s all about. Hotep!


GOAL: The goal of the Rap Challenge is to let the Youth raise their voice for the Global Goals and to spread awareness under the youngsters and their friend’s and family. It’s not about being the best rapper or rapping perfect to the beat. The youngsters don’t have te be rappers already and neither do you as their instructor. It’s about sharing the Global Goals.

HOW IT WORKS: Every country is invited to participate with 1 video (filmed with smart phone) with Youth rapping about Global Goals. These videos will “compete” against each other on facebook and youtube for 2 weeks. The video with the most views and likes will win the “Global Goals International Rap Challenge”.

PRIZE: The prize for the winner is an official song & professional video clip with me (Jermain Bridgewater). To show you an example you can check the video of the winners from the Global Goals Rap Challenge 2017


  • STEP 1: Ensemble 1 to 5 youngsters that want to participate. If more want to participate they are welcome!
  • STEP 2: Watch the “How To Make a Global Goals Rap” instruction video with the youngsters:

  • STEP 3: Guide the youngsters with writing their raps and have fun! If it’s 1 or 2 youngster let them write a minimum of 8 bars, with 3 or more youngsters let each of them write a minimum of 4 bars in English or their own language. All the youngster may write more bars if they have inspiration. If they can’t find a beat on internet to write on, use the beat I send with this MP3.
  • STEP 4: When their rap is written and they know how to rap it, you can record a simple video with a smart phone (hold the telephone horizontal). You can film wherever you like, everything is okay! See this example:

STEP 5: Send the video to me at jae@noslackin.com via www.wetransfer.com and I will add the subtitles and rest of the extra details. So you don’t have to edit the video!!

*to read the whole instruction from in PDF, click here


  • Please send me the video BEFORE October 1st! Cause then I have enough time to edit the video’s.
  • The Rap Challenge goes online october 11th! The winner will be announced October 26th during the Globals Goals Hub Eindhoven, Netherlands between 14:00 and 16:00 Dutch time.

Thank you so much for participating in the challenge, good luck and tell the youngster I’m already proud of them.

Hotep & Wontarana
Jermain Bridgewater

ONE WORLDcitizens, Global Goals President