Mission OWC / Iraq and Kurdistan

Why Mission OWC / Iraq and Kurdistan was founded

The idea of founding OWC / Iraq and Kurdistan was established in 2015 through the Youth Network with a group of young people in Kurdistan and Iraq to help displaced people (IDPs) and their contribution to improving their lives and raising awareness among women, children and youth in camps and conflict areas and improving education in schools, camps and Governmental organizations, open educational courses for women and young people and help them in entrepreneurship. We are also working on several of the UN’s 17 Global Goals, which are set to work on these goals from 2015-2030.

Our mission

The mission of the OWC / Iraq and Kurdistan to help people whose lives and livelihoods  are Shattered by conflict  and quality education , recover and gain  control of their future.

Our focus

The OWC / Iraq and Kurdistan will put in place high-impact, cost-effective solutions that help people affected by crisis. We’ll also use our learning and experience to shape humanitarian practice in ways that improve the lives of more people in Iraq and Kurdistan. And in all of our work we will focus on breaking down each of the barriers faced by women and girls.

The team

  • Mr. Karzan Noori Abdulkareem, Office Manager OWC Iraq and Kurdistan  
  • Mr. Hawar Farhad Ahmed Alshkane
  • Mr. Snkar Noori Ahmed Ahmed
  • Mr. Muhammed Saleh Ahmed Alshkane